Protect your business and improve fleet safety with intelligent video monitoring.

Truckers face a lot of hazards when they’re working. They’re at risk for everything from road hypnosis to falling asleep at the wheel, to bad weather and poor drivers. Dash cams help alleviate some of the stress of never knowing what’s coming next in this line of work. You can also have concrete proof of driver bad behavior and prevent insurance fraud.

GPSWEBPRO Dashcam Benefits include

  • Empower Drivers
  • Provides irrefutable video evidence in the event of a road incident – false accusations can be disputed
  • Can save money on paying insurance excess if an incident wasn’t your fault + maintain your no claim history
  • Provides protection and evidence from hit and run incidents, car theft and malicious damage
  • Some models provide GPS location tracking and vehicle speed
  • Reduce the time to settle a claim by an insurance company or court
  • Change driving behavior and protect our roads – reckless drivers are becoming increasingly aware that their behavior could be recorded
  • Employers can monitor and ensure employees are following company rules when driving fleet vehicles
  • Easy to install and easy to use

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