AI Dash cams

Advanced AI for Safer Journeys

At GPS WEB PRO, we’re revolutionizing vehicular safety with our state-of-the-art Advanced AI technology. Our mission? To make every drive safer, more efficient, and smarter.

Introducing Our Device

Driver Monitoring System

Our Driver Camera is your vigilant companion on the road. With a wide 120° view, it ensures real-time safety through in-cab coaching. What does it monitor?

Distraction Detection: Yawning, phone calls, or smoking – our system alerts drivers to stay focused.
Seatbelt Reminder: Ensures seatbelts are fastened for maximum safety.
Advanced Driving Assistance System
Step into the future with our Forward Camera (140° view). It’s like having an extra pair of eyes:
Forward Collision Warning: Timely alerts to prevent accidents.
Front Vehicle Start Warning: Stay alert when traffic moves.
Too Close Warning: Maintain safe distances.
Lane Departure Warning: Optimal lane discipline.
Pedestrian Collision Warning: Ensures pedestrian safety.
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