Utilizing our sensors in your trailers allows improved and specific data flow to help you make better decisions in your delivery business. Nowadays, time is the most important asset you have, so if you save time, you in turn, save money and we can help you do both.


Track container arrival and unloading completion with a time stamp

Reduce the chance of getting to a customer dock, or yard to pick up an empty trailer to find that it isn't empty

Eliminate (or greatly reduce) Manual Yard Checks

Monitor and control trailer usage -- track the time allotted for loading and unloading the trucks

Increase the trust between you and your clients by giving real time updates on the status of their load

These items rely on our sensor detecting presence of the cargo.The data is collected and interpreted to provide accurate and reliable fleet management information. Loading and unloading events and cargo status can be delivered to involved and authorized parties.

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