Unlocking New Horizons: GPS WEB PRO and QEO Join Forces

We’re excited to announce that GPS WEB PRO and QEO are collaborating to elevate your transportation business. With QEO’s specialized transport insurance services and our cutting-edge technology, we’re revolutionizing the niche in the United States. Let’s take your company to the next level!

Why Telematics

Telematics provides a wide array of solutions for truck owners and operators.  The operational data these systems provide are essential for:

Protecting Drivers – these systems monitor driver behavior, capture relevant events and such data is often used to exonerate drivers involved in liability claims. Telematics give truck/transport company managers direct insight into driving habits.  Thus allowing for more proactive driver training, creating safer drivers and directly improving overall loss performance. Data can also be used to recognize and reward drivers who engage in the behaviors you desire. 

Enhancing Overall Safety Culture – by monitoring events and encouraging and rewarding improvements in driver behavior, telematics systems have helped generate significant increases in overall safety and truck/transport operations, including assisting with accident reconstruction, loss mitigation and limitations of liability.

Developing and Maintaining Stable Insurance Rates – insurance is one of the top three expenses for a truck/transport company.  The insurance market is susceptible to wild swings in premiums.  By collecting relevant data related to trucking operations and driver behavior, fleets are better able to develop stability in their insurance costs.  Many times telematics systems and their data have helped to lower insurance costs and make the truck/transport companies more attractive to insurers.

Accident Prevention

FMCSA estimates that 71% of large-truck crashes occur due to driver distraction. Driver fatigue, distraction, and following too closely (insufficient stopping distances) are known risk factors in crashes involving trucks and commercial vehicles. Telematics systems help counteract these factors by implementing the following technologies to improve operational safety:

Forward Collision Warnings and Distance Control

Systems providing Forward collision warnings and monitoring of Speed and Distance can significantly reduce the number of rear-end crashes. A study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that trucks with these systems had 41-44% fewer rear-end crashes than trucks without those technologies (IIHS 9/3/2020).

(The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an independent, nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing deaths, injuries and property damage from motor vehicle crashes through research and evaluation and through education of consumers, policymakers and safety professionals.)

Dynamic Route Tracking

Telematics stores route data, can improve overall efficiencies, track deliveries and provide specific route information and video evidence management which helps mitigate claims and/or reduce the risk of accidents. 

Why GPS Web Pro

• Tailored solutions for customers based upon specific operations and application of Artificial Intelligence-based technologies

• 24/7 customer service and cloud-based recording on one of the most robust and reliable national networks with SIM Card recording redundancies.

• Take advantage of special Enterprise Pricing models as a result of Insurance carrier partnership


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